Flavor Buffet: April, vol. IV

Happy Friday, everyone! This week seemed oddly quick, didn’t it? I felt like I blinked and it was already Thursday, and now here we are with the weekend just hours away. I’m happy to report we don’t have any plans except to spend time outside, get extra sleep, and probably eat something awesome.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Can you believe it’s almost May?! Nope.


Going out to eat with food allergies can be extremely difficult (trust me, I know), but how about working in the catering industry trying to cater to all of the allergies, often on a moment’s notice? Go behind the scenes of the catering world with this piece and find out what catering companies really think of every dietary need and “special request.”

Now, I’ve made a lot of cookies. I love them. So this new piece in Bon Appétit that claims they created “the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever” is quite bold. However, I won’t agree or disagree until I’ve made them myself. Stay tuned...

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has added a slew of new food words! How exciting! Here’s my question: why weren’t the word cheesemonger and java already in there? Hmmm...


For when you’re feeling fancy and ultra-pumped for spring veggies, make this Butter-Roasted Halibut with Asparagus and Olives. I know I will!

Brothy Meatballs with Peas, Fennel, and Tiny Pasta. Although I’d have to replace the pasta to make it gluten free, this dish sounds delicious for a cozy Friday night after a cooler-than-average spring day (like tonight)? Yes, please.

Something wonderful about spring and summer is the return of fresh, homemade basil pesto! It’s divine. I’m pretty sure we will be making these Pesto Brown Rice Bowl with Quick-Pickled Radishes fairly often as soon as our balcony-basil is ready to go.


Walked by Oak & Rowan the other day and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to try it. The menu looks delicious - plenty of dishes that would (hopefully) easily be gluten free. 

I’ve heard great things about Blue Dragon, but still haven’t visited. They have dedicated gluten free lunch and dinner menus! And the spot looks very fun. 😎

When the sun decides to shine, I think we need to head back to Adelita and enjoy their outdoor patio. Tacos and sunshine - a definite win!


Saw these shoes on a friend this week and well, I might need them, too! Which color should I order? 😏

We’re constantly trying to eliminate waste, use less single-use-plastic, and do better for the environment. I may order these Silicone Straws (reusable!) as another step in the right direction.

Did you know that something called a Cheese Vault exists? Perfect for storing unfinished fancy cheese, rather than wrapping in plastic, and it looks quite cute! I’d like them in the color butter.