A Cheesy Start to the Weekend

Usually, when a day off from work is planned, i.e. a vacation day, plans are made, meals are potentially decided on, and the last thing that's anticipated is eating at home, since that's part of the "everyday" and this is a vacation day. However, on this particular day off, we decided to call it a night in, by cooking one of our favorites at home. After a day mixed with productive tasks (we cleaned the closets!) and some time relaxing together (lunch included a glass of wine),  my husband and I arrived at the cooking plan the same way we make most cooking decisions lately: what are we craving right now? And at that moment, it was cheese.

One of my favorite aspects of eating at home is being able to make the "classics," in a Celiac-friendly way. I am a creature of habit, and I'm often seeking out some of my favorite pre-diagnosis dishes more often than not. The best news is that many of these classics are easily made gluten free, with just a few (or even just one) ingredient adjustments. So when we decided to make chicken parmesan at home, it was joyful to know that the only ingredient we had to swap out would be the breadcrumbs.

Dinner notes: For homemade chicken parmesan we used boneless, skinless chicken cutlets (we purchased a little over 1 lb.), GF Italian Breadcrumbs, one egg (as an egg wash for the chicken before covering in breadcrumbs), mozzarella cheese, and homemade tomato sauce using plum tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, and red pepper flakes. However, you can definitely use pre-made sauce, just check the label to ensure it's gluten free. Delicious! 

As a rule for our house, we always include a vegetable with dinner (thank you, husband!), so for this meal we chose sautéed kale with lemon and garlic. A light addition to a hearty chicken dinner!