A Safe Space to Eat

Upon learning of my Celiac diagnosis, my then-boyfriend (now husband!) and I realized we had a lot of cleaning up to do in our apartment. Our kitchen was 'covered' with gluten and gluten-contaminated items. We replaced all of our wooden and porous cutting boards with new ones, bought all new wooden spoons, and removed any and all food items that had a trace of gluten (specifically containing: wheat, barley, rye, malt, brewer's yeast, and wheat starch). That was actually pretty easy to do, given we had not yet done our grocery shopping that weekend (convenient!), but having our home be 100% gluten free was going to take some work. Funny to think about now, since it's been four years and we do our weekly shopping with ease, but back in those first few months, I was definitely a bit more anxious going through the grocery store. 

We keep our home 100% gluten free for my health and well being. My husband does not have the same dietary requirements, but he is wonderful and insisted that we make our home completely safe for me to eat in all the time (save for his favorite beer that lives in the fridge). Not only does that give me peace of mind, but it means that no matter what, I will always have a place to eat safely, completely clear of any cross-contamination concerns or stray ingredients. That said, we do dine out frequently. Click on over to Dining Out if you would like to know more about the places we go to and enjoy. 

In regard to cooking at home, I must admit, I'm a bit of a novice. I have a small list of go-to meals that I make regularly and easily, but for the most part, my husband is our in-house chef, which makes me very happy! For the most part, we tag-team weeknight dinners: I plan the menu for the week (we usually plan Sunday-Thursday), and he cooks the actual food. I find it to be quite a lovely set up! But fear not! I am kitchen-competent enough so that when he cannot cook for whatever reason, I'm still able to make some pretty delicious dishes. Team work makes the dream work - is that the saying? Either way, cooking entirely gluten free has become easy for us, and I'm excited to share our favorite home-cooked meals with you.