Music to my Ears


"Is there anyone in your party that requires a gluten free menu?" asked the host before she brought us to our table. My heart skipped a beat, and I raised my hand (like a child) and said too loudly, "I do!" The host smiled politely, grabbed the extra menu, and brought us to our table. I already knew, before even sitting down, that our dinner was going to rock. 

It may seen insignificant to some, but dining out with a food allergy of any kind (Celiac is actually an autoimmune disorder to be specific), can be daunting, and somewhat nerve-wracking, especially when trying someplace new. That's why I was so excited to try Nebo Cucina and Enoteca, on the edge between the Financial District and Seaport in Boston, as they specifically showcase having a gluten free (GF) dinner menu on their website. Even before eating, I was having a great time, knowing I would have no trouble finding something to eat.

My "party" consisted of a couple good friends and my husband, all of whom generously agreed to order all GF appetizers (burrata, budino, calamari), so that sharing would be simple and clear of cross-contamination. Delightful! We also ordered a bottle of sparking rose, and tried a few of their cocktails. For dinner, we ordered separately, but we all ordered pizza - how could we not? My GF pizza (Gino) was just as big as the non-GF ones, which is rare, and was scrumptious. And spicy! And I ate the whole thing.

I can barely explain what a treat it is to go out to dinner with friends and be carefree when ordering and eating, knowing that my Celiac-safe requirements will be pushed to the back of my mind as soon as I walk in the door.