Lunch and a Water View

Along with my love for flowers, desire for delicious meals, and constant thought of "what should we eat next?", I am also extremely nostalgic. I look at photos from weeks, months, and years past with a surprising frequency, recall my favorite foods from specific restaurants just for fun, and wax poetic about events that tend to be once-in-a-lifetime. Sound like you? Well, maybe that's just me. I'm sentimental and not afraid to show it.

Our wedding day falls into that last category, and while it wasn't even a year ago, I relish any opportunity to re-live any aspect, right down to just merely glancing at our venue from across a busy street (I know, ridiculous). It was the most joyful, happy day of our lives, and I will remember it as just that, forever. And so, on a particularly beautiful Saturday, we walked all the way down to the Boston waterfront, and had lunch outside at one of our favorite spots, Rowes Wharf Sea Grille, at our venue, the Boston Harbor Hotel.

There is something extra-special and extra-relaxing about eating outside and facing the ocean. I find that I am much more at ease and let things "go" a lot more than I tend to in other dining situations. Perhaps it's because I am extremely comfortable at the Sea Grille since I know that much of the menu is easily gluten free and that takes the "fear" out of the dining experience.

For our lunch, we began with a round of drinks (bloody mary for me, beer for him), and relishing in the calm environment around us. Followed up quickly with a delicious roasted eggplant and Kalamata olive dip - graciously served with GF bread - that we inhaled! Note: I have never met a dip I didn't order! Definitely one of those "must try" menu items, in my opinion. I'v even considered throwing a dip party, so you can see my level of interest is a bit strong. :)

After ordering a second round (hey, it's the weekend!), we chose the main course. My husband opted for the lobster roll and fries served on a challah roll (not GF), and I selected my tried-and-true favorite, pan roasted Atlantic halibut, which was superb. The fish is fresh and the flavor is fantastic, served with a vegetable mix that we are going to re-create at home. And the best part? It's naturally gluten free! Nothing like ordering a meal that doesn't need to be changed at all when you're out enjoying one of your favorite settings. 

All in all, our food was excellent, the waitstaff was awesome (as always), and we had a wonderful time relaxing on a late-May weekend afternoon, enjoying the view and all of the memories surrounding us. :)