From the earliest days of dating to our most recent dinner last night, food has been an integral - no, crucial - part of my and Seth's relationship.

Our first date at Border Cafe in Harvard Square in 2011, our first meal made together in an apartment years ago (giant sandwiches on Ciabatta), and all of the countless meals, snacks, sips, and cookbook purchases ever since, our relationship seems to be not only with one another, but with the presence of food in our lives, and on our table.

And ever since my Celiac Disease diagnosis in 2013, food, specifically gluten free, Celiac-safe food, has become of utmost importance in our culinary lives.

Managing Celiac was quite an undertaking, but I was determined to not let it negatively affect my love of food or my and Seth's mutual love for going out to eat and having new food adventures together.

Over time, we learned the ins and outs of eating well - gluten free - and I realized that life is actually better, and a lot more fun, when you're enjoying it as a healthy, thriving individual!

My Celiac diagnosis, and subsequent life-changing mindset toward food was a blessing in disguise: I was finally able to hone my life-long passion for food through eating well, being healthy, and sharing this passion with Seth, my wonderful husband, who, fortunately for me, loves to cook (we got married in 2016!).

These days, we are an entirely gluten free household (except for the occasional craft beer or home-brew for Seth), and our weeknight meals revolve around delicious dinners that are always gluten free and satisfy any craving either of us may have on any given day. And that's why I am Gluten Free Mollie D. :)


Thank you for joining us!

Eat, well.

Mollie and Seth










Disclosure: All opinions and ideas expressed on this blog are my own. While I am sharing what works for me and my Celiac diagnosis, I am not a medical professional and recommend consulting your doctor prior to making any dietary changes in your life.

Celiac Disease affects everyone differently and I am sharing my personal experience with the meals and restaurants discussed on this site. Please speak with your server or a restaurant manager about your food restrictions prior to ordering. Thank you.