Flavor Buffet

Happy Friday, everyone!

Amidst a few errands and home projects this weekend, I’m also hoping to spend a lot of time outside - it’s going to be gorgeous. Reading articles and recipes in the sunshine sounds delightful to me.

This week’s Buffet is perfect for that very activity. And a bit of shopping too, of course.

Have a great weekend!


Save some time to go through “The Hot 10” America’s Best New Restaurants 2019 according to Bon Appétit. Quite an awesome variety on this list!

No apologies for posting recipes in this section. Read through these recipes from one of the best bakeries in the country right now: Ochre Bakery in Detroit. I’m positive I could make them all gluten free.

Many of our favorite recipes are by the great, and very hip, Molly Baz. Here are her “Essential Cooking Rules,” many of which we follow already!


Poached Cod in Tomato Curry - sprinting to the kitchen to cook this dish.

Lemon Pistachio Loaf - it’s vegan! Let me give this a gluten free whirl… (just replace the flour!)

Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan - it’s fall so uh, let’s break out the baking dishes and cover the veggies in cheese, then bake them until bubbly and perfect.


While I’m not sure where we will go tonight, I can suggest these three spots as our go-to restaurants to relax and have a really, really great meal. Try one - or all - this weekend!

Twist Bakery Cafe - it’s 100% gluten free and offers breakfast, lunch, and so many great sweets.

The Stones Common House - I mention it often because we go so frequently. Because it’s just so good.

Lone Star Taco Bar - Tacos, margaritas, guacamole, queso, this Allston hot spot has it all. And it’s too delicious.


On a scale of one to need-them-now, how much do I love these suede loafers? Sadly, my favorite color seems to be sold out.

While I wear my hair pulled back most of the time for convenience, I’m noticing that I should probably up my hair-tie style. I love these velvet bows! Cute, but not too over-the-top.

Officially a fan of the metal straw. Are you?



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