Let's Be Real

OK, let's be real. And not just "I'm having a great day and everything is sunshine and puppies all day every day," because we know that's probably not (entirely) true. We all have good days, bad days, and everything in between. But what I'd like to be honest about is that the state of my day is never defined entirely by how I'm managing my Celiac Disease. Yes, it is my "condition" and yes, I do have to follow strict dietary rules to feel and be healthy, and safe. However, I would be pretty frustrated - and in fact, can become frustrated - if I let having Celiac define every moment of my life. While having Celiac Disease is no laughing matter, nor will it ever become so, I have to say that as soon as I got diagnosed and settled into my new "lifestyle," my real life, especially around food, began. 

My Celiac Lifestyle is one that is defined by having a balance to life: creating great gluten free meals, finding awesome Celiac-safe restaurants, and enjoying life to the fullest alongside the gluten free requirements. Those won't slow me down, ever. On the non-gluten side of the Lifestyle, you'll find my comments on beautiful flowers, our funny cat, adventures with friends and family, and my shopping habit (you've been warned!).