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Gluten Free Mollie D. 

Fast Facts about Mollie + Seth:

- We live in Boston! 

- We got married in July of 2016 and I’m pretty sure our wedding day was the happiest, most fun day of our lives. 

- We cook at home five nights a week, Sunday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights we’re often out and about! 

- For the times we want to go out, you can find us at any number of awesome, local restaurants, all of which are reviewed in the Bar Bites section of this site!

- Bar Bites has two sections: Boston and NYC!

- I plan our week’s meals (menu) on Sunday mornings, and then we grocery shop that afternoon, often with a brunch in between!

- I hand-write our meal plans on a notepad that I bought during our honeymoon in the Hamptons. It’s a sweet reminder to a very relaxing, beautiful time. Did I mention delicious? We ate very well there! 

- Seth and I determine the meals together, although I primarily choose them based on whatever I’m “craving” that week, taking into account how easy or involved they are for a weeknight. A nice balance works well!

- I am the photographer of our dinners, but Seth often takes a cameo shot (or two). We both love taking photos and he even studied photography in college. Many of his pieces are hanging on the walls in our home! I got my start taking Polaroids of the inside my family’s refrigerator, and the appetizers at Thanksgiving when I was about seven years old. I love food! 

- We both work full time and spend our evenings cooking, shooting, and putting together the food you see right here!  

- Most of the time my mind is focusing on next week’s meal plan, and I look for inspiration online and in my ever-expanding cookbook collection. You could say I’m a bit of an impulse shopper. ;)

- We also have a cat! Her name is Athens and she loves hanging in the kitchen, and trying to steal dinner off of our plates every night. No joke. Tomato sauce is her favorite. 

- I have a background in creative writing, focusing on non-fiction short stories as well as playwriting during college. I’m also a musician! Ask me more. :)

- Seth studied chemistry in college and is now a chemist! He loves cooking, brewing his own beer (outside of our house, don’t worry!), and is the most patient, wonderful person as I chatter away about food (almost) all of the time. 

- We really, really love food and have a shared passion for eating well at home, and when we go out. And it’s always gluten free (for me!). 

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