Bar Bites: Welcome

Every Friday, after a long work week, I look at my husband, I glance at the cat (she follows me around), and say "where do you want to go for dinner tonight?" This starts the discussion of what are we in the mood to eat? What flavors are we seeking? What atmosphere suits us right now? And that discussion spans from a few minutes if we can decide quickly, or it can last much longer as we grow hungrier and our taste buds just can't make up their minds. In fact, this discussion happens multiple times throughout the weekend as we tend to go out a few times before our week of cooking begins again on Sunday night. This is an honest example of what happens every Friday night. How do you decide where to go out?

To alleviate the stress of that possible situation in your home, I have created a guide, organized by cuisine, to restaurants that I deem Celiac Safe and essentially "worry free" for a fun night, or day, out, with whomever you're dining with at any given time. These are my tried-and-true favorites for dinner, lunch, brunch, drinks, or snacks; my husband and I always sit at the bar wherever we go - hence "Bar Bites." :)

Rest assured, I've been to each restaurant multiple times and call them worry-free for a reason: I have never had a bad experience in regard to the food being gluten free, and safe for me to eat. However, as with any dining out experience, tread cautiously, and alert your server of your dietary needs/requirements. Trust your gut! 

Please note: restaurant titles are clickable and bring you direct to their website to check out menus and more. 

This is a live guide and will be updated regularly as more restaurants are added to our arsenal. Coming soon will be the "Beyond" section that will have my GF favorites in New York City, Maine, and anywhere else we find gluten free food and a great experience at the bar. 

Eat well and enjoy!