Bar Bites: Seafood

For when the sea is calling and we need our fish fix...

Legal Sea Foods

Location: Boston, MA and suburbs

Eat: What more can you say about this Boston-staple that has been around for far longer than you or I? A seafood chain (but really, I feel like each location has its own tone in a way) that my family has been going to my entire life, I have come to rely on Legal quite heavily for a completely safe seafood dinner. They were pioneers in the Celiac awareness movement and offer countless delicious menu items that are 100% celiac safe. It's one of the very few places where I go to have fried seafood (and fried items in general) and know that I can eat worry free. It's also a place where I have a lot of seafood options in a relaxed, low key (in my opinion) environment where my allergy takes a back seat. My husband and I go here frequently for the wide array of food options and staff that we have come to know since we return to the same location often, sidling up to the bar, as always. Being recognized by the bartenders is fun, but also provides reassurance. It makes me happy to know that this restaurant offers an opportunity for those of us with severe food allergies (namely Celiac) to have a fun meal out without worry. And that, to me, is priceless. And delicious - I always order fried clams, calamari, and the seafood casserole. But maybe not all in the same night. Maybe... ;)

Rowes Wharf Sea Grille

Location: Boston, MA at Boston Harbor Hotel

Eat: A nostalgic spot for many wedding-related reasons, but I'll spare you the stories and focus on the food! One of my absolute favorites for a great lunch (or dinner) while facing the waterfront, the Sea Grille has an awesome menu of fresh fish and other dishes that can satisfy everyone at your table. However, the delightful part is that they are open for breakfast/brunch as well! I love to eat here during the summer when you can spend a lazy weekend afternoon having wonderful seafood outside on the patio, overlooking the water, and enjoying the sun (but each table has an umbrella too!). My go-to is almost always the halibut which is cooked perfectly and usually comes with a great veggie medley. I'm a big fan of starting the meal with lamb chops when available to get the smallest taste of our wedding back (we served these during the cocktail hour). My husband has enjoyed a great lobster roll as well as a fried fish sandwich, both of which he said were terrific. As for the morning, there is a brunch buffet available on weekends, but my preference is to order off the menu: steak and eggs! The most delicious steak and perfectly scrambled eggs are a joyful way to begin the day, and it's also the dish I had at our Sunday brunch after our wedding. OK, enough with the stories! I promise! Another note is that I love the interior decor that features clean lines, a beautiful ceiling and fun paintings of large ships as a nod to the hotel and Boston waterfront location. Bring your friends, family, or just your favorite person to this casual, but elegant and delicious, Sea Grille on the water. And don't forget to have the lamb chops! And fish, of course.  ;)


Location:  Boston, MA

Eat: Soaring ceilings, beautiful artwork, and elegant plates with delicious food, and stellar cocktails, visiting Ostra was an experience I cannot wait to have again. From the gracious staff upon check in and the servers at the bar and our table, I loved speaking with everyone throughout the evening. Each dish was excellent and my allergy was handled with ease - many dishes are naturally gluten free - and the waiter was happy to help accommodate when I wanted to alter an appetizer to make it gluten free and safe for me to order. Ostra is part of the Columbus Hospitality Group so you're in for a treat when it comes to great food and service. I'd recommend  coming in for a special occasion, a fun group night out when you're feeling fancy, or a leisurely drink and bite at the very cool bar up front. There's often a piano being played there as well! I'm so glad to have finally gone to Ostra and am excited to return for a beautiful night of incredible seafood, snazzy cocktails, and a very cool dining experience.

Meritage Restaurant and Wine Bar

Location:  Boston, MA in Boston Harbor Hotel

Eat: A beautiful restaurant with beautiful food, thisspot is an experience in incredible service as well as top-notch fine dining. With a focus on seasonal dishes as well as locally caught seafood, the menu changes with the season and offers wine pairings for every dish. The menu is divided by meals (first course, main, and dessert) that go well with white versus red wine, with seafood focuses as well as meat options. Once again, a location filled with memories as our rehearsal dinner was here as well as a few special nights out, including our first anniversary. Reservations strongly suggested and consider yourself extra-fancy if able to sit at one of the sweet Boston harbor view tables.